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Anna Reed is willing to accept commissions

"I am fascinated by the natural world, the beauty of wildlife and humankind. I love looking closely at both and the relationship between them. I like to think that I help people see detail that they may not have seen before"

Anna Reed is a professional artist, born in London. She moved to Bedfordshire during her childhood and it was at this time she realised a passion for drawing and painting.
Anna is self-taught and driven by her admiration of nature and its elegance. Working predominantly in oil paint, charcoal and pencil. She uses precise and deliberate strokes to produce representational pieces of work. Her pencil and charcoal studies concentrate on movement and texture, whilst the oil paintings are showing detail, depth and the characteristics of nature. Anna uses wooden panels and aluminum to create her artwork, painting several layers of detail.
Anna's recent work is concentrating on the natural world, showing how precious it is. She uses golds and