Garima Dhawan is willing to accept commissions

Garima Dhawan is a licensing artist and surface designer, and an alumna of RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). She lives and works between New York and Leamington Spa. Her work is a combination of traditional printmaking techniques integrated with digital technology, to create a dialogue between the two worlds.

Garima loves the beauty of the printed mark and the technique of collage. For her, it represents taking things apart and putting them together in a completely new way. She constantly returns to the theme of the garden, as a field of infinite potential and unlimited possibilities.

Her images start as experiments on an etching press with a combination of printmaking techniques like linocut, photolithography, drypoint, etching and collage (chinecolle) and then worked digitally in Photoshop.

She sells at stores ranging from Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Target, Nordstrom, Kohl's to Bed, Bath & Beyond, NEXT, Habitat and online at Deny Designs, Society