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Essence of Places

I do not paint landscapes, but make images of places, that attempt to capture what for me is at least in part the essence or "soul" of a place. Certain places are profoundly moving and like life itself, possess a sense of innate mystery. It is that mysteriousness that causes me to want to make a painting. There seems to be a problem with humans, in that we find it near nigh impossible to accept experience at the level of mystery. In order to become less fearful and more secure we appear to have a need to attempt to demystify and take refuge in such things as science and religion. We deny mystery and delude ourselves into believing that we are in control, in order to manage the experience of living. It could be claimed that the act of "representing" nature in two dimensions is a part of this process. It is undeniable that life is essentially a mystery and cannot adequately be explained, by any means so far at our disposal.

For over 50 years