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Giacomo is a multiple award-winning photographer; his work celebrates a charming purist style often combined with the mystery and the symbolism that lied behind his imagery.

A self-taught photographer, he has studied the works of important artists during his History of Art and Set Design masters at the Academy of Fine Art of Rome. Giacomo’s work seeks to blend fine art with the surrounding world to create photography that truly qualifies as art. He has a passionate spirit at heart that he pours into his work. From abstract close-ups of flowers, to walking amongst wild goats. Giacomo is committed to showing the world through his eyes. Only shooting with the camera in hand, his work is an intimacy fine art which aims to recreate the exact moment he found himself in contact with the soul of the subject, with all the accompanying sounds, emotions and feeling.

Giacomo’s work has been featured to some of the largest names in the Fine Art Photograph industry, and has