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A driven artist, for a quarter of a century, Glenn has built relationships with Galleries, Dealers, and Arts Consultants to showcase and establish his art.

Looking for rhythm and repetition in the environment around him, Glenn is inspired by Fractal Geometry drawn to cycles and synthesis in the rock formations of a landscape, the foliage of trees, or in the rolling form of clouds. He makes pen and ink sketches and mixed media drawings, which later evolve into oil paintings, celebrating the colour and wonder around us and how we as a species fit within it.

Glenn uses a synthetic palette creating bright, bold visions of the world but is concerned with the majesty of our natural environment, mans management of it, our National Heritage and history. With an increasing detachment and disregard from the world around us, Glenn forces the real world back before audiences to appreciate once more. He particularly likes the way a canvas freezes a moment yet allows space