Having grown up and studied on the west coast of Scotland, Heather's imagination has always been fired by the vast landscapes and beauty of the Highlands, especially the many Islands of the Hebrides.
She's lived in England for many years and seems to have adapted her Landscapes to the altogether different, land-locked beauty of the Cotswolds. The colours and textures which she sees every day are profoundly influenced by the vibrant colours and textures of the far North. The marks and the light on the hillsides, fields and mountains are a constant source of inspiration.
These marks have also taken her on a new and parallel journey into Abstract and semi-Abstract painting, which allows her to experiment with colours and textures, creating a freedom to express inner visual images.Working mainly with Acrylics, using Mixed Media, Pastels and Inks on Board, Paper and Canvas,
each painting is a journey which can take various routes. The initial idea can take off in a different