Ingrid Brown is willing to accept commissions

Hello I'm Ingrid, a figurative & plein air painter based in Cornwall, UK.

I love life, and the experience of being alive. Art allows me to express this, to learn about myself, to explore my place in the world, and my place within myself. This journey leads me to paint what most truly reflects what I love, and what is 'me'.

Both my figurative and landscape works explore peaceful moments experienced.

I frequently paint figures alone, or in their own thoughts, highlighting the need for brief moments of inner quietness.

Quiet time is, even if only short periods, essential for our wellbeing and mental health, and allows us to reach our most true self by briefly shutting out the noise of the world, and find out what we are most authentically about, what really drives us, and what we actually want.

This in turn makes us better people to be around, as once we feel more comfortable within ourselves, we are more able to give and receive happiness.