Specialising in painting and drawing, the majority of my artwork is abstract and has been described as having an organic, expressive style with intricate elements. The artworks range from delicate pen drawings to more expressive ways of painting. I paint with acrylics, mixing media where necessary to achieve my desired outcome.

The general theme behind my work is rooted in environmental influences and explores the contrasts between a natural existence and a synthetic unnatural environment that many of us find ourselves living in. 

Born in 1969 I spent my formative years in Sheffield, U.K. I would spend much of my leisure time walking for hours in the Peak District, filling up on the rugged landscapes. A contrast to the dark, industrial environments I frequented daily as a welder.

I graduated in 1998 with a degree in Visual Art and Professional Media. After 3 years of painting, ceramics, art history, photography and video art as well as many other adventures.