I am looking at the “uncanny” as described in 1919 by Sigmund Freud as strange, eerie, unusual and the unfamiliar familiar. I have researched extensively my own childhood and have gathered photographs of children and children with toys. I have for the past two years painted larger than life to give them an ambiguous presence and a shift in their relationship with the viewer. I have used vintage domestic interiors and memories of my own childhood. My paintings are fraught with my own experiences of people and life.
Life subtly ever present in the domestic wallpapers and clues of life’s transition from girl to woman and child to mother .I enjoyed a childhood full of imaginative play, where the roles of mother are preserved memories in my paintings. My personal interaction with dolls as ‘children’ and then as a child given responsibility of my younger siblings is confused roles within my memories and paintings. Pressures of education and personal home life collided when I tried