Lee Campbell is willing to accept commissions

Lee Campbell is a British artist presently living and working in London who has studied art both in practice with a degree in Fine Art, and academically, graduating from the University of Kent with a MA in the History of Art.
British and New Zealand Inspirations
Most of Campbell’s recent work is a combination of working on Eel Pie Island in the River Thames in London, where she has based her studio for the past 20 years and growing up in New Zealand which has informed the colour and clarity of the landscape work, now diffused with the history and atmosphere of England.

Creating Mystical Realism
Campbell has worked consistently in oils using layers of glazes and scumbling to create a mystical take on reality. The 'Flurries Series' (forests with falling leaves) were based on a poem by Robert Graves called 'Outlaws' in which he wonders where old gods go when no one believes in them anymore. He suggests they live in a forest where they lie in 'webs of