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Drawing in some form, whether contemporary, challenging the boundaries of drawing, or conventional, often figurative, is a major part of my practice, I discover that the human form keeps creeping into my thinking and therefore my work.

Lately I have been occupied with Virgins, Angels and Martyrs, apparently old fashioned, irrelevant ideas but I find in my observation of contemporary life that these things are extremely pertinent.

With my name I am bound to be obsessed with virgins, I was taunted at school. As a mother I have had to come to terms with watching my children forge their own lives and having to witness the consequences of their rash decisions. I am interested in depicting this duality of emotional attachment with and estrangement from events. My virgins are based on northern European, early medieval sculptures with their double chins, and sometimes challenging looks, I exaggerate what I see to my own means. The martyrs speak for themselves, and I see