Mary Partridge Installation is willing to accept commissions

Drawing in some form, whether contemporary, challenging the boundaries of drawing, or conventional, often figurative, is a major part of my practice, I discover that the human form keeps creeping into my thinking and therefore my work.

As an installation artist, I have been deeply invested in the study of Anglo-Saxon, Norman, and medieval architecture and its incorporation into my artistic practice. My exploration of this subject matter has led me to create unique and engaging art installations that evoke a sense of timelessness and historical resonance. I have also delved into the realm of outdoor talc drawings, leaving marks on various pavements. My passion for this topic is also reflected in my series of drawings, which follow the famous artist Pieter Saenredam as he travels from church to church in 17th Century Holland. My drawings offer a thoughtful commentary on Saenredam's artistic practice, while also demonstrating my own deep understanding and appreciation of