Naomi Brangwyn is willing to accept commissions

I cut glass, put it back together again and then break the rules of stained glass. Combining glass disciplines, adding metals and found objects, layering and leaving gaps. I take the limited palette of glass and use this brittle material to express the delicate shapes and textures of the natural world. Taking my inspiration from nature - the wild and the calm, undiscovered corners and wide-open spaces, the changing light of every day from dawn to dusk, across the seasons, in all weathers.

I studied art at Reading Art College and Islington Institute, but in 2001 was introduced to stained glass and although I continue to work using the traditional techniques, I'm always introducing other materials and have developed my own unique style.

My work is regularly exhibited in East Anglia, in exhibitions and in art galleries in Southwold, Cambridge and in Buckinghamshire, plus a steady stream of commissioned work for hanging panels and windows and doors.