Natalie Day is willing to accept commissions

I make semi abstract paintings that tell a story of the land. Using natural materials as much as possible, including paint made with the land of my focus, I seek an expression of how I sense the world.

My current work interrogates ideas of home and place and investigates the tension between abandoned artefacts of ancient settlements and industry and how they sit in the natural world. Inspired by the multi-viewpoint approach explored by Peter Lanyon, the energy and freedom of the abstract expressionists, and the great Sublime, I combine observation and experience with elements of surface topography, aerial and cross-sectional views to abstract the landscape whilst provoking a sense of the familiar.

I spend many hours on location, both walking and in quiescence, to allow time for the landscape to speak. From these moments of expanded self, when a connection to my subject is felt, I am able to make loose studies and gather photographic reference, noting the natural