Nicola Burton celebrates the discarded eggshell as a canvas for her vibrant mixed media art. 
Nicola uses the eggshells laid by her free-ranging chickens at home in Essex. Her creative practice starts with hatching, rearing, and rescuing chickens. Nicola collects the eggs from the coop each morning, gently shapes them by hand, and intricately paints them using a kaleidoscope of colour palettes and mixed media techniques. 

Nicola’s artistic work with eggshells began as self-care when she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Finding a vital, restorative connection with nature through tending to her chicken flock, she began to reclaim their discarded eggshells and use them to explore her thoughts on living with a mental health condition. 

Nicola’s art captures the resilience and beauty arising from our broken places. She draws inspiration from the Japanese art of kintsugi, exploring the creative possibilities arising specifically from fractures and repairs;



This artist has no work for sale on the website at the moment, but may be open to commissions.