Paul J Best is willing to accept commissions

Paul is particularly drawn to painting landscapes and seascapes and abstracts inspired by nature. He exhibits and sells his paintings online and at exhibitions, and also through Hampshire-based Art Galleries and Shops. Paul has paintings in collections across the UK and in America, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, the Caribbean, and Australia.

Paul has qualified in Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, and Fine Art (Painting) and is a Fellow of the Landscape Institute. His practice as a national award-winning landscape architect greatly informs his paintings and vice versa.

He particularly likes to create textured paintings and often incorporates gels and pastes and sometimes applies gold leaf. He mostly always incorporates reflective paints in his work to capture and reflect the light. He will usually combine the use of a palette knife and soften this with brushwork.

He is inspired by the enduring 'impressionist' masters: Klimt, Monet, Cezanne,