Paula Perry is willing to accept commissions

I have been creative for as long as I can remember, enjoying arts and crafts as a child and then picking up art classes in my 30’s to rediscover my creativity as an adult. Having not had formal art training until this point, I thoroughly enjoyed a wide range of experiences under the expert tuition of an amazing artist (Jessica Mallorie), learning to draw properly, understanding some of the technical aspects of painting, and freeing myself up to create the kind of work I am inspired by. Jessica also introduced me to oil paints, and I have rarely painted with anything else since!

I find oils extremely satisfying to work with, the creamy texture and fluidity of them as well as the beautiful colours, the blending and mixing in situ on the surface, and the ability to layer a painting to achieve depth. I use these properties to create abstract and semi-abstract paintings inspired by the natural world; sky, sea, mountains, valleys, plants, flowers, and the elements. I like to