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I began painting as a boy when I marvelled at the watercolours my father painted of the countryside, all from memory, and the atmosphere he could create with a few old brushes and colours mixed together on a saucer. I found that just by painting what you see, the light and shade, and the changing seasons, you could bring to life a unique moment that only you could see, but everyone else could share. There are many places of beauty in and around Warwickshire, and I enjoy capturing some of them in a picture, usually from photographs, and with the digital age upon us, like nothing more than nipping out early on a spring morning to click away in one of the villages or towns nearby to where I live in Southam, loading them onto the computer at home, which now takes seconds, and then sifting through the library of photographs till I find one that I think will make an interesting painting.

I have always painted in watercolour, although I did for a few years use oils, but found