My name is Samir Tailor and I am a creative designer based in Cambridge. With a background in Architecture, I have allowed my art to express form through my architectural knowledge. With a passion for pattern and design, this section of my journey explores uniquely creating art with the thought of how 2D paintings can be realised in 3D. With thought behind every line, These Paintings can be thought of as the stage between initial concept design and a 3D visual of the product/building.

To me, colour is an expression of life and we find peace when the right colours are matched together. Only recently have I started to play with colour as before, my drawings were mostly black and white with maybe a colour to allow the drawing to pop.

My work lies between constructivism and conceptual art along with paper sculptures. Using maths, I allow my paintings to relate to the proportions found in nature. Everything living has a mathematical order to it, using these ratios brings