Stanislav Suprunenko is willing to accept commissions

”Painting is like sailing or travelling in mind, time, and space to explore our beautiful world. It is also a way to create your own Universe and fill it with colours of love, peace, hope, and happiness."

I am very much in love with our unbelievably beautiful nature, which is an endless source of inspiration, creativity, happiness, and positive energy. 
I am a friend of the Royal Academy of Art, a member of the Arts Society and Ukrainian Artists Union, and a certified therapeutic art life coach.
I am also a co-founder and a teacher at Ukrainian Arts Hub, and a co-founder of the charitable project to support Ukrainian children - "Kids and Art for Ukraine"

For 20 years, I have been working on various environmental protection projects, and through art I want to share my love for Mother Earth, reflect on its beauty, and urge everyone to protect Her.

I also like sailing and exploring the world, and from every adventure I bring inspiring memories