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I love to be outdoors, either in the countryside or at the sea. My work is influenced by the beauty and diversity of the wonderful places I visit. I find myself particularly drawn to the drama and beauty of the Dorset and Cornish coasts. My camera and phone are full of many photos on the location of skies, hills, moorland, rivers, woodlands, flowers, cliffs, seascapes and beaches.

In my studio back at home, I bring together not only the images but the feeling and emotional experience of the place . I work on the composition, choose the media, make sketches and a plan,before working on the painting itself. I paint mainly in acrylics, building up the layers of paint, often adding texture, such as sand from the beach, modelling paste or gesso to bring depth and interest to the painting. However, I also like to work in mixed media and oil, each medium has its own qualities that can be used to best translate a particular scene or feeling. Working in different media also pushes