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I am a self-portrait artist. I photograph myself taking on the persona of an autobiographical or a theatrical character to create artwork depicting resilience and strength in hardship. My work illuminates shared experiences to create a sense of belonging relying mostly on personal experiences of what it feels like to be a misfit. My mission is to reproduce familiar feelings into visuals through conceptually layered, digitally manipulated photographs, as well as the written word, which often accompanies the images, usually in poetry form.

My methodology to create self-portraits remains consistent in its process, whereby I work alone with the aid of a camera, a tripod, and a remote control. However, I use a variety of ideas to create narratives I believe we are all connected to; the ones we are naturally wired to listen to, the ones that make us feel united in our pain, our hopes our journey of life. I continuously look to refine my visual language in a way that first