Originally trained as a heraldic artist, Vienna Forrester has been developing her original digital fractal art techniques since 2004. Inspired by patterns in the natural world, coastal landscapes and seas in all their states are main features of her work. Her art is uniquely specific to location and time, changing with weather conditions and mood. Fractals are, essentially, the mathematics of nature

“Inputting latitude and longitude and time/date stamps and colours from my original photographs taken on location to create a base fractal, my aim is to interact with the pattern created until I can see a direct correlation with its natural source. What evolves is a fusion of two distinctly differing fields – the absolute rules of the fractal algorithm and the imagination of the artist acting on sensory and actual recollection. What I aim to portray is the memory of place as it appeared in a snapshot of time, almost like a retinal imprint that remains when the eyes are closed”.