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10mm Tahitian Pearl Earrings on Hypoallergenic Titanium posts

by Jim Broad

Medium: Titanium (10mm Tahitian Pearls)


Size: 1.5 × 1 × 1 cms


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Beautiful large 10mm dark pearls with rosy pink and green overtones, these are a wonderfully round Tahitian pearl with few indentations rated grade B.
One has an exceptional lustre, and the other is very good.
These natural pearl studs are beautiful. Set on posts crafted from pure grade Titanium, with Titanium butterfly backings. A stunningly simple earring, perfect for weddings or everyday wear.

Verified Pure Grade Titanium Posts.
Verified Pure Grade Titanium Backings
I verify all my materials with the Assay office to guarantee the best quality.

Listing is for 1 pair of earrings.

Tahitian grading
A - 90% blemish free surface, No deep inclusions, Very high lustre, Very little blurring.
B - 80% blemish free surface, 1 deep inclusion allowed easily hidden, high lustre.
C - 60% Blemish free surface, 2 deep inclusions allowed, low lustre.
D - 40% Blemish free surface, Little or no lustre. Not normally sold anywhere.

I started making jewellery as a lot of people I know are allergic to most metals, so I know the need for good allergy free beautiful jewellery. Hope you find some you love in my shop :)
---Our Pearls---
We pride ourselves on the high quality of our pearls. We never use cheap imitations or fakes.
Pearls are natural so we recommend you always wipe them with a smooth damp cloth using mineral water after wearing them, to remove any natural skin oils. Keep them separate and secure in their own box, so they don't knock against other jewellery. This will help avoid any scratches. If you have any questions about care, just ask.