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Chusan palm blues IX

by Marianne Nix

Medium: Cyanotype on Saunders Waterford 300gsm

Frame: Unframed

Size: 101 x 66 cms


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Chusan palm blues series

A beautiful dramatic series of deep blue artworks that evoke the mystery of the natural world.

Marianne uses Cyanotype photography, one of the earliest photographic techniques, to play with shadow and light created by the exotic palm leaves of the Chusan palm.

Chusan Palm originated in the Himalayas and central China and was brought to the UK by intrepid plant explorers in earlier centuries. Today Marianne finds them in a London garden near her studio. Marianne mixes Light-sensitive chemicals by hand and applies them in the dark to thick Somerset made Saunders Waterford paper. She layers leaves onto the paper to form shadow and light in sunlight outside. And the elements come together to produce contemporary artworks that evoke the unpredictability and romance of nature that is ever-changing.

Our legacy and that of previous minds influences Marianne Nix's work. In this case, plant explorers and the work of Anna Atkins, a botanist, who made cyanotype images of the flora she collected in the 19th Century, earning her place as a founding mother of photography.

This is a unique artwork and is dependent on the weather, the day of the year, the duration and time of day when exposed to sunlight.