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Ethical 0.30cttw Diamond 4mm Titanium Stud Earrings

by Jim Broad

Medium: Titanium


Size: cms


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If you are searching for the ideal accent for your favorite clothing, these 0.30ct ethical diamond 4mm titanium stud earrings provide excellent elegance and sophistication. These diamonds will match the sparkle in your eyes with its own twinkle.

Ethical lab grown diamond titanium earrings are perfect for anyone who has an allergy to other kinds of metals or with concerns over mined diamonds. These you can give and wear with confidence.

Lab grown diamonds are real diamonds made with state of the art technology indistinguishable from mined diamonds with the naked eye and avoiding and ethical questions of natural stones. Not to be confused with simulants such as CZ or moissanite, these you can give and wear ethical diamonds with confidence.

Assay tested - all my earrings are tested ensure metal quality
- Diamonds 2x 0.15ct VS ethical lab grown diamonds
- Verified Titanium TiAlV diamond housing (HART.directory #hart-ca-151118l)
- Grade 1 Pure Titanium backings (HART.directory #hart-ca-151118a)

Approx 4mm diameter earrings

Presented in a padded satin lined flip lid box

Why say they are "grown"?
Lab grown diamonds are grown from a small diamond seed. In a carbon (the molecule diamonds are made from) rich environment, pressure and tremendous heat is applied causing more molecules to attach and the diamond seed to grow. This lab process simulates the exact same process that mined diamonds have gone though underground. The resulting rough diamond can be cut and polished as natural mined ones.

Read more about lab grown diamonds on our page here https://catlogix.com/pages/lab-grown-diamonds-doing-real-diamonds-the-right-way