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Flight 2024

by Keith Pointing BA Graphic Design

Oils on on canvas board

h 50.8  x  w 40.5  x  d 1 cm
h 20  x  w 15.9  x  d 0.4 in



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Fish bones lay at the bottom of what might be the sea. The bones lay
artificially on top of each other, bleached white. Amongst the skeletal remains is a single white feather, a possible symbol of guidance from the spiritual world.

Above, the sea has become the sky, and a dove, traditionally a symbol of peace, freedom, and love, is flying upwards. The bird casts a shadow as if the sky is a theatrical prop. At the top are stylised clouds made of barbed wire. A golden light drips from above, with a curtain on the left side, and a sea anenome on the right with visually echos the emphasising the work's theatricality.