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Flowerbed June 11th at Bonby 2022

by Peter Wood B.A. HONS. A.T.C.

Acrylic on Canvas (Ready to hang.)

h 48.3  x  w 61  x  d 5.1 cm
h 19  x  w 24  x  d 2 in


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A lively and delightful smaller summer scene full of Roses, Poppies and Delphiniums! In crafting this visual symphony, I wielded my brushes with wild passion, ushering vibrant acrylics into a lively dance upon the canvas. Here, nature's raw beauty is caught mid-whisper, its blossoms a fiery burst of life amidst whispers of greenery. Every impressionistic stroke celebrates the fleeting grace of a garden in bloom, a testament to the harmonious chaos found in the heart of lush foliage. This work, alive with emotion, is sure to infuse any space with the energetic pulse of a midsummer's day.