Foxgloves & Lupins en plein air 2022

by Peter Wood B.A. HONS. A.T.C.

Acrylic on Canvas (Ready to hang.)

h 81.3  x  w 30.5  x  d 5.1 cm
h 32  x  w 12  x  d 2 in

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An unusual and very attractive format used to take the best advantage of this delightful composition in my garden! In the dance of my brush, acrylic hues sing the beauty of nature's spire: foxgloves and lupins reaching skyward in a verdant embrace. My fingers wove the essence of impressionism into each stroke, capturing the warmth of sunlight filtered through leaves. This piece is an ode to the serenity and resilience of the wild, an invitation to bask in the quiet splendour that flourishes untamed. It radiates life, a vibrant symphony to awaken any space with the spirit of the outdoors.