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by Peter Long

Ink on Johannot paper 24 x 32 cms (Edition of 7, signed.)

15 x 19 cm


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Separation from the rest of the country by Canary Wharf, the Thames and the docks, strongly defines the area of Millwall. It is also characterised by disappearance. The football club named Millwall left for the other side of the river before World War One. 134 high explosive bombs were dropped into this small area during the Blitz. Its ship-builders, millers, dockers and printers are all long gone and today even the name of Millwall is largely airbrushed away. Yet the past can never be entirely rubbed out and old patterns echo in architecture, the lie and name of a road, the rise of the ground, the courses of water, the flow of memory and the codes of DNA. Who knows what ghosts wander its walks, steal through its streets and resonate in places and habits beyond.