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Secrets series winter 2021 - No 20 Interior terrace, French morning 2021

by Peter Wood B.A. HONS. A.T.C.

Acrylic on Canvas (Ready to hang.)

h 76.2  x  w 101.6  x  d 5.1 cm
h 30  x  w 40  x  d 2 in


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The secrets series are so named as they show subtle interaction between people in different situations, even if subtle and in the background at times. It is up to the viewer to find and interpret these, and the stories being created, whether they are happening secretly or more overtly. In the meantime the more obvious main title continues and includes the use of the medium, light, tone, colour hues, values, atmosphere, mood, textures and design as well as image and an awareness of the method in a contemporary art context.
In crafting this piece, I sought to capture the fleeting moments of connection and solitude amidst the vibrant buzz of a cafe's terrace. My brushstrokes, laden with the lively textures of acrylics, dance across the canvas, invoking the essence of impressionism with a modern twist. Each figure, absorbed in their own world yet together in the shared space, echoes a story untold, inviting the viewer to weave their own narrative. This painting will infuse your space with the dynamic energy and the warmth of human interaction, brightening the ambiance with a splash of color and emotion.