Snow Angel

by Catherine Corfield B.A Hons, M.A

Oils on Board

29.7 x 21.0cm


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Something a little different after a few beautiful days of snow! We really enjoyed walking around the beautiful woods watching the families with children in their sledges and dodging random snowballs flying in the air it was just lovely! At least one good part of lockdown is not having to drive anywhere!

On our snowy walk, my youngest daughter saw a clean blanket of snow on the ground, knowing what she was thinking we told her to wait until the end of the walk so she wouldn't get too wet and cold, she paused for a moment but then lay down on the snow and did her snow angel anyway with the happiest little look on her face! I wanted to capture the moment to remember!

Just a moment of pure childhood innocence and fun one of my favourite moments of the weekend!