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The Lost Walk

by Catherine Corfield B.A Hons, M.A

Acrylic on Canvas

61 x 76 cm


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This painting is inspired by one of my favourite days out with my family walking up Pendle hill.

My map reading skills were definitely not up to scratch that day and we took the wrong turn got completely lost. So stupid as it was literally the case of turning right instead of left!

We ended up waking for 3.5 hours before we even got to the hill. I was carrying my 2 year old. I'll never forget my children's reactions as we walked out of the sculpture trail woods and I pointed to Pendle hill and told the children that was where we were headed! They were not impressed!

Despite their moans and groans about how tired they were when we got to the bottom of the hill they both ran up the hill and waited for me at the top. The views were magnificent!

During our walk my son lost a toy he had got from his birthday as he was having so much fun exploring the magical sculptures. He even remembers when he put it down and forgot it! He was devastated and still talks about the best day ever apart from losing his favourite toy!