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The Ukraine War - creating a large acrylic painting reflecting my feelings 2022

by Peter Wood B.A. HONS. A.T.C.

Acrylic on Canvas (Ready to hang.)

h 76.2  x  w 101.6  x  d 5.1 cm
h 30  x  w 40  x  d 2 in


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At present he is involved in sending art materials to artists that have fled the Ukraine and left all behind. When he asked one couple, now in Poland, what they most needed the reply was not money, food or clothing but oil paints! As an artist he well understands this as his art is as much needed as food or water creatively and spiritually! This painting is a departure from his usual style and methods in using washes and glazes, fat on lean. over a black ground, 30" x 40". In it he is trying to reflect the horrors and emotions these innocents must be feeling and the bravery of all from mothers and children to soldiers defending their homes! It is not so much a painting of anger, but such great sadness that after all the history of strife, wars and suffering the world has seen over the centuries, and all that has been learned, a minority of bullies, greedy politicians, manipulators can instigate such a catastrophe affecting so many innocents!