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by Catherine Corfield B.A Hons, M.A

Oils on Canvas (Pair of. Is sold on stretcher bars ready to hang. Buyer can frame if preferred. )

76 x 60cms

Frame: Unframed


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'Together' Oil on Canvas 76 x 61cm

My children miss their grandparents on a regular basis they all live miles away, between 3 - 6 hours drive away down south in Wiltshire and Somerset and some North in Scotland.

We all frequently talk about how we wished we lived closer so we could see each other more regularly but we do usually are significant plans to visits each other. We always try to have plans on the horizon.

Except for right now, even though our children going to school, we can't just pack up and head north or south. Not having plans has become the new normal and it is so hard but we stay apart to keep them safe.

For now we do FaceTime and make zoom calls and send pictures but being able to physically see them and give them a cuddle is our new (and temporary) normal, it doesn't feel normal. The uncertainty isn't normal. Long periods of isolation isn't normal. Only being around each other-and no one else-isn't normal.

But now this is what we have to live with and i can't wait for the time to pack for a few days and shove everything in the car, get the kindles ready for a long drive, and see my children run into the arms of their granny, nanny, grandad or grandpa, I know for a fact that my parents and in-laws are missing the cacophony of cousins ringing in their ears and the sticky hand prints left on freshly painted walls, we all long for those days again. I hope we don't have to wait too long!