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Valerie at Montchenon 2019

by Peter Wood B.A. HONS. A.T.C.

Acrylic on Canvas (Ready to hang. Box canvas, no framing required.)

h 91.4  x  w 91.4  x  d 6.4 cm
h 36  x  w 36  x  d 2.5 in


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In crafting this piece, I was gripped by the vibrancy of life and its vivid hues. My brush danced with acrylics to capture an intimate moment, enveloped in a warm, impressionistic embrace. The scene unfolds in a cozy interior where colors swirl in harmony, embodying the essence of a serene reprieve from the world outside. This painting is a portal to a tranquil yet spirited space that will infuse any room with a comforting yet effervescent atmosphere.