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View from the Cliff at Seaford

by Gill Bustamante BA Fine Art

Oils on canvas

76x101 cm


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View from the Cliff at Seaford is an expressionist style seascape oil painting in turquoise, pink and white colours with seagulls. It is 31 x 47 x 2 inches. It was inspired by peering over the cliff at Seaford in East Sussex whilst watching the kittiwake seagulls riding the thermals over the sea. They circle endlessly and the sea appears to spiral with them as if there is a secret vortex there that leads elsewhere... You can't see it in the painting, but that cliff is where the kittiwakes were nesting. The sea that day was a deep blue-green which contrasted well with the white chalk cliff edge and the pink flowers that grew just behind it. It is painted in thick paint, expressionist style, and is quite hypnotic when you stand in front of it as the sea does start to move and the birds do start to circle. It is painted on deep edge canvas with the scene extended around the edges. No frame is needed.