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You've Been Struck By Love 2023

by Dex Hannon

Digital Print on print or canvas alluminium dibond (The print is available on the surface you require)

h 80  x  w 80  x  d 2 cm
h 31.5  x  w 31.5  x  d 0.8 in


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The artwork features bold and loud colors, which are characteristic of Dex Hannon's style. The vibrant hues create a visually striking composition that grabs the viewer's attention. The use of digital techniques allows Hannon to manipulate photographs and recreate their original painting digitally, adding a new perspective and message to the artwork.

Limited to only five prints, each copy of "You've Been Struck By Love" is signed and numbered by the artist. Additionally, once all five prints have been sold, the original art file is destroyed, ensuring that no further copies can be made. This limited edition nature of the artwork adds value and exclusivity to each piece.

The Retrofuturism series by Dex Hannon explores the fusion of past and future, blending nostalgic elements with futuristic aesthetics. Through the remixing process, Hannon transforms their original paintings into digitally recreated artworks, allowing them to convey new narratives and ideas.

"You've Been Struck By Love" not only embodies the artist's unique style and creative vision but also represents their ongoing exploration of remixing and reimagining their own artwork.
This is a remix of a remix. The Digital remix of LUVSTRUKTA.
Which was the remix of LUVSTRUK.

Limited to 5 printed on Canvas or Giclee or Aluminium DiBond
Signed and numbered