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by Peter Long

Acrylic on white cartridge paper 28x33 cms (Edition of 5, signed. Fits standard 28x33 cms/11x13 inch frame)

14 x 18 cm


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In November 1922 Howard Carter (1874-1939) discovered the intact tomb of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh, Tutankhamun. This print is based upon a photograph of Carter opening the doors of the second shrine. Peering in, his hand is raised alongside an engraving of a man whose hand is also raised, maybe giving a halt sign or a dire warning, but maybe saluting Carter's endeavour, offering a high-five greeting. A meeting of equals perhaps. Carter has a lamp above his head as if casting a halo and similarly the ancient figure has the glorious sun above his own head. Carter was seeking the wonders of the past and the ancient Egyptians were seeking the wonders of the future. Breakthroughs between the present and the ancient are continuous.