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Andy Farr is willing to accept commissions

Andy is an award-winning artist with a strong interest in mental health and well-being. His most recent project was working with the Institute of Mental Health to create a series of paintings based on people who are recovering from Post Traumatic Stress. His focus is toward narratives and metaphors that show how people can grow and recover as a result of their experiences. This is Andy’s second project to receive funding from Arts Council England.

Andy’s focus on mental health started during his recently completed Masters. He used this to explore his memories of growing up and the impact of his father’s bipolar condition on his and his family’s life. As he looked back it became clear that the strongest memories were of a feeling, rather than a precise, accurate recollection of place or situation. This is reflected in his paintings where he tries to capture those same emotions whilst also conveying a sense of time.

Andy describes himself as a storyteller. He likes