Catherine Corfield is willing to accept commissions

Artist Statement:

My artistic focus revolves around impressionistic landscapes, infused with elements of romanticism. Through the medium of oils and occasionally acrylics, I strive to express the profound connection between humans and the natural world.

In an increasingly technological society, I believe it is vital to retreat to nature, shedding the confines and demands of modern life. As the British landscape changes with the expanding population, its accessibility becomes all the more crucial.

Within my work, you will find traces of idealism, nostalgia, and human relationships, often centered around childhood. I aim to portray these themes in a positive light, emphasizing the innocence and freedom experienced when surrounded by nature. By doing so, I strive to evoke universally shared experiences of the sublime, where emotions and landscapes intertwine.

While my artwork conveys my personal encounters with human connections in nature, it also invites