The image captured on paper or canvas isn’t the image visualised, but an interpretation. Abstraction gradually crept in to my formative water colour paintings - as shifting light, figure distortion or to express movement, emotion, atmospheric conditions.

Over the years, I began experimenting with total abstraction, using water colour, oils, acrylics, driven purely by colour rather than subject, by a desire to capture emotion, by a wish to move from the formalities of composition. The next shift came last year as I sent a series of images to hopefully brighten a dying friend’s final months. When my own health held me bed-bound for weeks, a desire to create helped me cope with my dire situation. Inspired by Mondrian and Bridget Riley, I explored how colour touches the brain, lifts the mind, lightens the mood. Wanting others to take their eyes on a journey words fail to express, I created this series.