Ian Garstka is willing to accept commissions

“That is the most extraordinary
fact about Britain.
It wants to be a garden.
Flowers bloom in the unlikeliest places
– on railway sidings and waste grounds
where there is nothing beneath
them but rubble and grit.”
― Bill Bryson.

I could not agree more.

Although born and raised in London, I have lived in a small village near Norwich, Norfolk for the past forty years. For the past three years, our little village successfully fought a long battle with a local agricultural company that wanted to build a new factory hard by the village. It opened my eyes to the natural beauty that I took for granted so this year my new work is based on things that inspire me whilst walking through the fields with my constant companion, Mungo our Cairn Terrier. If I achieve little else, I at least can leave behind my visual recollections of our gardens and countryside. Everything must change if not always for the better.
I work in both oils and acrylics.