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Suminder Treadwell is willing to accept commissions

My work draws on the domestic. The underlying practise looks at the objects that are around us in our everyday lives. I take these utilitarian objects and aestheticise them. These themes are combined into installations that feature mundane domestic objects. I like to use objects, that are invisible, hidden and unnoticeable, always part of the other objects but not have an independent existence of their own for e.g. springs inside a mattress, decorative mouldings or dowels, which are parts of the furniture or architecture around us. I take these objects and represent them as art objects and by doing so blur their original function.

Materials that present colour with intensity and purity interest me and I found this quality in threads. I started using threads because I felt that I could not do anything new with the paint. I owe my love of threads, embroidery and fabrics to my Indian background. As long as I can remember, the variety, inventiveness, and the richness of texture


This artist has no work for sale on the website at the moment, but may be open to commissions.