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About Me

As a huge animal lover, animals are, and always have been at the centre of my work. I am currently a student studying games art, animation and VFX in Leamington Spa whilst also trying to grow my own freelance business. I have a lot of big plans for work coming in the near future and hope that you will join me on my journey of exploration.

What do I offer?

At the moment I offer exclusively animal-related work however I have plans to branch out into portraits of you or your loved one in the near future.
Digital Work: Digital portraits are available of any animal, be that a pet or just a favourite animal. For one payment you will receive a black and white and colour copy of your animal(s). Printing and shipping are also available at a small fee.
Traditional Work: I also offer traditional drawings of animals in graphite, same terms as with the digital work.




This artist has no work for sale on the website at the moment, but may be open to commissions.