Keith Pointing is willing to accept commissions

He graduated with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from Middlesex University and has exhibited in the ICA in London and the Künstlerhaus, Vienna. Prints of his drawings from his book The Inkspot Monologues which sold worldwide and were exhibited in the Freud Gallery in London.

He uses surrealism and humour to satirise the human condition, environmental justice and societal issues. He works primarily in oil paints and he uses motifs and layers of iconography from the natural, the classical world and visual memory. In each work, he experiments using the language of form, colour, shape, space, and volume. These works explore the dichotomies of childhood and adulthood, the conscious and unconscious, and the seen and unseen in various emphasis and combinations. 

He exhibited paintings with the Henry Boxer Gallery, London, alongside Scottie Wilson and George Grosz, the Espacio Gallery, 2017, Shoreditch, London, the Churchgate Gallery, Porlock, 2018, curated