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Marianne Nix’s artwork is concerned with accumulated influences, legacy and ideas.

Photography, digital tools, traditional oil painting, printing
Marianne Nix’s work combines photography, the use of digital tools, traditional oil painting and printing techniques.

Latest series of work

Chusan palm blues

Marianne uses Cyanotype photography, one of the earliest photographic techniques. Her new work plays with the shadow and light created by the exotic palm leaves of the Chusan palm. This palm originated from the region of the Himalayas to Central China. Marianne now finds this palm growing in London gardens.

Previous work

The ideas of previous Hampstead residents.

Working on her art in Hampstead London, Marianne is inspired by her local surroundings and those who live and have lived there such as Piet Mondrian, Sigmund Freud, Keats, Henry Moore.