I have been painting all my life, on and off. I have family in Leamington Spa and exhibit in Warwickshire. I now live in a little village of about 250 people, by the sea, with a Norman Castle and Medieval Church. I have painted many sorts of subjects but have come to realise that ultimately all artists are searching for a "universal truth". So while some artists find it in landscapes, others in portraits, I find it in the notion of forms that remind one of the vastness of space and the huge, magnificent objects that occupy it. I want to share this vision with others and for my paintings to last for ever and a day. They should, as they are original paintings on glass. I keep my prices reasonable as my sincere hope is to fill lives with joy and delight. I hope if you buy a painting you will find luminosity and ethereality which will last you, your family, and your friends all their lives.